The Dish: Wings for Football Night at American Roadside



When the NFL decided to have games on TV every Thursday they gave football fans excuses to do two things: go into work tired Friday from staying up late to watch the game and consume massive amounts of hot wings.

But where should you get your wings?

One place for some tasty take-out wings is American Roadside. Here's a little bit about their Roadside Wings.

The Dish: Roadside Wings (Five for $4.50/10 for $7.95)

What is it: Delicious, large chicken wings covered in your choice of sauce to give you whatever flavor you desire. Not too saucy, not too dry – just right while watching your favorite football team.

How does it taste: You have a choice of four flavors – BBQ, mild fire, chipotle and blazin hot sauce. The mild fire is a good choice, as they aren't too hot but still have a little bite. Add bleu cheese on top and you're set with a great meal.

Sides: Your typical side for wings comes with the ones bought at American Roadside – celery. While it is a normal side for wings make no mistake, they still taste great.

Why you should eat this: Wings and football just go together, so whether it's Sunday, Monday Night Football or the latest addition to the NFL lineup on Thursday nights, these wings are a perfect meal to have while watching a hard-hitting game.

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