Burger Divas - Review of American Roadside!


America’s best kept secret, getting made in the USA and going green.

I’m a Budlight diva but I was introduced to this home grown American Roadside Draft, it was amazing. Up next Crispy Chicken wings, 3 sauces one called blazing. The fiery peppers attacked all parts of the mouth-not in an uncomfortable way but in way that you had to have more. Followed by a teaser of a Black Bean Kosher Veggie Burger. With a burger like that I can become a vegetarian. Next was the Turkey burger extraordinaire with pepper-jack cheese, guacamole and grilled to perfection onions placed between potato buns. They have a secret seasoning and they are not sharing. It sounds like a lot but these 2 burgers I just have to mention. Route 66 is famous for many things: It connects 8 states in 3 times zones, its known as “The Main Street of America” and now in Burgerdivas fun notes has a burger named after it. A 6oz burger with pepper-jack cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. A sweet and spicy taste after every bite. Last but not least in burgers was the Roadside Rally. There will be rally alright, I’m gathering everyone around to come back and enjoy this burger. I took one bite of the chili, American cheese, coleslaw, onions and mustard and two 6oz patties and had to close my eyes for a moment. You may ask how do the divas fit into Burgerdivas, we will not share our secret, just like they can’t share their secret spices. Everyone loves a good burger and at this roadside I found some great burgers.

Order UP!!
American Roadside Burgers
Uptown Charlotte- Ally Building
440 S. Church St
Charlotte, NC 28202

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